KIDS Korean Culture Camp 2015

Welcome to another year of Teen Camp! We are so excited to announce that this year’s camp will be Monday, June 22 – Friday, June 26. There will also be a presentation provided by the teens for their families at noon on Friday, June 26 with a special meal and professional music program, as we are anticipating having some K-pop performers there as well!

We have many great events and activities planned for teens this year during camp. Camp counselors are primarily adult adoptees who have chosen to volunteer and donate their time and travel from all over the world to help out. Many of these counselors have either been counselors at KIDS camp in the past, or were counselors at other adoptee camps.

Korean Teen Culture Camp is for adopted children of Korean descent and their siblings, as well as children of Korean adoptees. Due to another year of canceling KIDS day camp, this year’s Camp will be for ages 10 to 19.

The performers we hope to have also work with some of the top K-pop artists in the industry! And we are hoping their schedules will allow them to spend several days at Camp Casey, and to help lead several activities and share their experiences of Korean Pop Culture with the teens. We will also enjoy a special treat, as one of Jackie’s college friends (at Seattle Pacific University, which also owns Camp Casey) works for the Seattle Sounders and will bring up one of the Sounders players for one day at Camp to participate in some of the activities! And there may be another surprise or two, too!

At KIDS Teen Culture Camp, teens will learn:

  • Korean cooking and food, contemporary Korean dance/ music
  • Establish and maintain friendships
  • Participate in and learn some fun outdoor activities
  • Promote positive feelings for adoptees and learn what it means to be Korean- American
  • Allow teens to share life experiences with adult adoptees, or to ask questions of those who have first-hand experience with issues of race, cultural awareness and identity, living in Korea, being the only adoptee (or Korean) in their age group, etc.

Teen Culture Camp will last 4 nights and 5 days at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. Some of the activities included are team building competitions, some athletic participation or just learning to be active, campfire skits, exploring cultural identity and heritage with adult adoptees and making friendships and connections with other teen adoptees. All activities for camp will be covered by a tuition price of $300. This will include your T-shirt and your child(s) Friday meal and program, AND, for all attendees, you will also receive a copy of Sam Futerman’s book, Separated @ Birth, which she will sign for you! Your family and friends can also attend the Friday meal and program for $15 per person. Additional copies of the book will also be available. Teens will be transported by bus from 1920 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 on Monday June 22 (drop off by 9:30 am) and will return from Camp Casey on Friday June 26 by 11:30 AM. The meal and program will begin by Noon. The teen presentations will take place after the meal and will be followed by a special performance by our K-pop performers. All this excitement will end by 2:30 PM. Location is in the dinning room and terrace of Escala Condominiums, 1920 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101.

Please complete the registration form, (extra) t-shirt order form and camp release by Friday, June 12, 2015, and mail to KIDS, c/o Tim Holm, 1920 Fourth Ave, Unit 1405, Seattle, WA 98101-5114. Please register early because space will be limited (late registrations will be subject to space availability as determined by number of registrants and planning requirements). Confirmation of your teen’s registration will be within a few days of receiving your camp registration. Registration forms can also be found on our web site

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or email, Jackie Holm, (206) 795-5362,, Aaron James, (360) 318-4420,, or Tim Holm (206) 604-9335,

Thank you and we hope to see ALL OF YOU at camp this year!

You can download the forms here: KIDS 2015 Camp registration packet

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