KIDS Korean Culture Camp 2008 July 7-11th 2008

KIDS Korean Culture Camp 2008
Over 78 kids attended camp this year!
Thank you for Signing Up!

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Links on Adoption

AAAW is a resource that provides mentoring, fellowship, and educational opportunities for Asia/Pacific adoptees and the community. This is the follow on organization for KIDS for teens to adults.

The mission of Adopted Korean Connection is to provide educational, cultural and social events and information focused on creating a supportive network for Adoptees.

WACAP, founded in 1976, is one of the largest and most experienced international non-profit adoption agencies in the United States.

  • Holt International

An adoption and family support service.

Seattle Language Academy (SLA) is a non-profit language school in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle offering both group classes and individual lessons in foreign languages and in English as a second language. Classes and private tutoring are available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Seattle Language Academy also offers instruction in Latin and Ancient Greek and features a humanities program with classes in world literature in translation.

KAAN’s primary project is an annual national conference in a different city each year. This annual coming together allows all attendees to feel part of a national adoption community. In fact conference attendees come from all over the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia.

KAAN offers national support and guidance, but the KAAN Conference belongs to the community where it is held. Through the process of hosting a conference, it is hoped that the local organizations will be strengthened and the local connections among adoptive families, adult adoptees, Koreans, and Korean Americans will be enhanced.

For nine years KAAN has supported community development through its conferences: KAAN Conferences have been held in Los Angeles, California; Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey; Seattle, Washington; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Arlington, Virginia; San Francisco, California; Detroit, Michigan; Seoul Korea; and Boston, Massachusetts. Next year’s conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois.

KAAN is entirely run by volunteers with no paid staff. All funds raised go to support the KAAN Conference.

Interesting reading for the teen and older adoptee. Experiencing the social experiment of transracial and transnational adoption.


Lectures and special events held at the University of Washington related to Korean Studies.


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